4 Commonly Asked Questions About Flea Infestations

flea and tick controlFleas are a common insect that feed on the blood of animals and people. If you have found a flea on your pet or in your home, you may be worried about how to treat for fleas. Here are some questions that people ask when faced with a flea infestation.

Do Fleas Lay Eggs on People?

Many people associate fleas with pets, but may not think about dealing with flea bites until they have been bitten. Fleas will bite people, but they do not live on people the way they do on pets. They will feed and then jump off the human host onto a pet or onto the ground to wait until their next feeding. Some people mistakenly confuse the behaviors of fleas and lice and worry that they may need to treat themselves for fleas. Fortunately, this is not the case. You will need to take steps to treat your pets and your home.

Where Do Fleas Lay Eggs?

If you find fleas on your pet or in your home, you will need to take steps to clear it up. When lice lay eggs, they are sticky and will stay in the host’s hair. Fleas are different. The eggs are not sticky and will fall off the animals as they wander around your home. A single flea can lay up to fifty eggs a day. While you do not need to worry about having flea eggs on you, you will need to worry about them being around your home and in your pets’ bedding.

How Do I Deal with Fleas in My Home?

If you notice bites around your ankles, or that your pet has fleas, then you likely have fleas in your home too. The first step is to treat your pet for fleas. You can give your pet a medicated flea bath. This will treat any adult fleas that are on your bet. You may also want to use a flea comb to catch any fleas that are left after the treatment. After that you will need to treat your home for fleas. You can do this with flea powders, but this option only kills adult fleas and not the eggs. This means that you may have another infestation in just a few weeks.  A professional treatment can clear up the fleas in just one treatment.  You will need to wash all the bedding in your house with hot water and dry it on high heat.

How Do I Prevent Fleas?

Once you have dealt with fleas, you will not want to deal with that again. You can take steps to prevent fleas from being a problem in your home again. The best way to prevent fleas is to treat your pets with a preventative treatment like a flea collar, flea drops or an oral medication. You can talk to your vet to determine the best option that is available to you. There is also the option to treat your yard to prevent fleas. This is an added protection for your pets and family.


Image courtesy of CDC/Janice Haney Carr