Can Fleas Live in Your Bed?

Flea infestations usually happen as result of pets bringing them into the home. Fleas lay eggs constantly and can lay up to fifty eggs a day. Just a few fleas can quickly turn into an infestation. If you see fleas on your pets, you likely have an issue in your home, since flea eggs fall off of the animal and end up on the carpet, furniture and even in your bed.

Fleas can live in your bed. They are opportunistic insects and will feed on any mammal, though they will not live on humans, they may live on your pets or in your furniture. Fleas may also set up shop in your clothing, carpet or on furniture in your home.

How Do I Get Rid of Fleas in My Bed?

Washing your sheets and other bedding in hot water and drying on high heat should kill any fleas living in your bedding. However, this will not address any fleas that may be living on your mattress or your box springs. Vacuuming may be able to get rid of the fleas, but you may also need to treat the bed and your home for fleas to eliminate them completely.

If fleas are in your bed, they are likely in other spots in your home, and you will need to work to completely eliminate the infestation everywhere. The first step is to treat your pets, then clean your home by vacuuming and washing bedding, towels and pillows. You may also need to treat your entire home to completely eliminate the fleas.

How Can I Prevent Fleas in My Bed?

One of the best ways to prevent fleas in your bed is to stop your pet from getting fleas.  Treating your pet with a preventative method can help. There are three options: flea drops which you apply to your pet, a flea collar or oral medications. Talk to your vet to learn the best option for your pet. Keeping your pets off of your bed can also reduce the likelihood of getting fleas in your bed.  There is also the option of treating your yard for fleas, which can reduce the chance that your pet catches them and bring them into your home.