What happens when I schedule an appointment?

We can offer a free estimate before we begin your treatments. Most people will have the technicians perform service after receiving the estimate. Each treatment will consist of four easy steps designed to help keep your mosquito population under control.

1-A technician will inspect your property to identify the insects that need to be treated.

2- He will identify protentional breeding areas around your property.

3-The technician will apply larvicide to standing water that cannot be dealt with by emptying containers. This will prevent eggs from hatching developing into adult mosquitoes.

4- Finally, he will apply an effective insecticide spray to eliminate the adult mosquitoes and create a barrier to stop mosquitoes from entering your property.

What if my yard isn’t suitable for mosquito control?

Mosquito control works best when you have foliage around your yard where we can apply the insecticide. After inspecting your property, we will let you know if your yard is not suitable for effective mosquito control before we apply a treatment.

I am worried about my kids and pets playing in my treated yard. Is it safe?

We use products that are safe to use around both kids and pets. We require that everyone, including pets, be inside during treatment. It is important to wait until the solution dries, which takes about 30 minutes for the organic solution and 1 hour for the conventional solution. At that point, it is safe to return to normal activities.

Why should I treat the mosquitoes in my yard?

Mosquitoes are carriers for several serious illnesses such as malaria, West Nile virus and the Zika virus. They carry several more that can cause encephalitis and the complications that go along with it. Not to mention the itchy annoyance of dealing with mosquito bites. Our mosquito control program is a safe option that will help protect you and your family from these complications.

I love to garden. Will this affect my plants or the insects that pollinate them?

Our treatments are safe for your plants. We have an organic option that is COP compliant, which means it safe to use on your vegetable garden if necessary. Additionally, we do not apply the treatment to flowering plants to protect the pollinators and allow your garden to continue to grow.

What solutions do you use to treat for mosquitoes?

We offer two different treatment options. We use Talstar for our conventional treatment. This option uses Bifenthrin to control the insects and it lasts for up to 21 days. We use Essentria for our organic treatment. It is an all-natural solution that contains rosemary oil, geraniol and peppermint oil. It last for up to 14 days and may have a slightly sweet scent when first applied.

What if I see mosquitoes after you have completed a treatment?

Contact us if you see a mosquito on your property. We can come out and respray at no cost to you. We stand behind our service and products, and at Ace Mosquito Control, we guarantee you a mosquito free yard.

Are there coupons or discounts available with your service?

We offer discounts for neighborhoods and homeowner’s associations. Treating a wider area offers better mosquito control which is why we offer the discounts that we do?

Do you offer treatments all year long?

Our treatment packages usually begin in early March, when we work to identify the mosquitoes and to predict what the mosquito season will be. From there we will come out every two weeks for our organic treatments or every three weeks for our conventional products to apply a treatment until the cold weather hits in the fall.

Can you treat for other insects like ticks?

Our mosquito control treatment also works to stop ticks and fleas. This is an added bonus to protect your family and your pets from these nuisance pests that can carry diseases like typhus and Lyme Disease.

What if I just need the treatment once for a special occasion like a party or a wedding?

At Ace Mosquito Control, we understand just how important these special events are. We do offer one-time treatment options. As you are planning your event, you can contact us and schedule us to visit the property two to three days before the event to apply the treatment. This should keep your event free from mosquitoes and other insects like flies and no-see-ums.