How Does Ace Barrier Spray Work?

Ace Mosquito control

Our mosquito control services work by creating a barrier around the exterior of your property that mosquitoes cannot get through. First, we will treat and kill the mosquitoes that are currently on your property. The spray we use will leave a residue on the trees, bushes and foliage around the border of your property. When a mosquito tries to cross into your yard, they will land on the plants with the spray and ingest it. This will knock the mosquitoes down and will keep the mosquitoes from invading your yard.

Experience Effective Mosquito Control

At Ace Mosquito Control, we use an Bifenthrin for our conventional treatments. This is one of the best rated mosquito control solutions on the market. This will dry and leave a water-resistant residue on the plants that will effectively stop mosquitoes from entering your yard. We use Essentria for our organic option. It works the same way, but does break down more quickly meaning you will need to have the treatments reapplied every 14 days.

Creating an Effective Mosquito Barrier

In order for a mosquito control barrier to be effective, you will need to have trees, shrubs and other foliage lining your property. This is where we will apply the spray that will keep the mosquitoes from entering your yard. We will also apply the spray to your foundation and under your deck, anywhere that mosquitoes like to harbor. If you are concerned that you do not have enough foliage to create an effective barrier, let us know. We can inspect your property and let you know if this will be an issue on your property.