Farewell Mosquitoes of 2014!

The end of daylight savings is a bummer on many levels, especially for those of us with infants and toddlers that don’t know the meaning of a good night’s sleep. One good thing that comes of it, however, is that it marks the unofficial end of the mosquito season in North Carolina. Perhaps the first week of November will carry a few mosquito bites, at least for those folks not using Ace Mosquito Control’s Barrier Treatment, but on the whole you can rest easy that the air is free of those dreaded parasites. Profile Pic

So, let the cookouts begin! Shoot, the weather most often will not cooperate . . . the mosquitoes seem to only mess with the best time of the year. Well, there’s always football, college basketball, and the holiday season to tide us over until Spring.

Ace Mosquito Control would like to thank all of our valued customers that we had the privilege of serving in 2014. It has truly been a joy to eliminate mosquitoes from your respective homes, and as a new venture here in the Raleigh area, we sincerely appreciate your support.

The feedback we have received concerning our Mosquito Barrier Spray has been amazing! Of our customers utilizing the Standard Barrier Treatment, 100% have reported a total elimination of mosquitoes in their yard. And for the record, these results were not mumbled to us in a droll monotone – our customers were pumped to tell us how well the mosquito service has worked in their yards. It’s such a blast to hear from customers who cannot believe how great life can be with a mosquito-free backyard . . . their excitement will never get old to us.

Some of our All-Natural customers, however, have indicated that some bites were still occurring, and this is something we will continue to investigate and test. Those few customers citing bites were refunded completely, of course, after a second treatment proved no more effective. Our current hunch is that the All-Natural product does not deliver the same protection as the Standard Barrier Treatment product, and if our ensuing research finds that we cannot deliver a mosquito-free backyard with the all-natural treatment, then simply put, we will discontinue the service. At Ace Mosquito Control, we will only market a mosquito control service that works.

Yikes, that ended up being more of a “State of the Ace” speech than a celebration of our farewell to mosquitoes in 2014. Oh well, sometimes that’s where our transparency will lead us, and we will never shy away from being completely honest with our loyal customers. And to them we say thank you, you rock, and we’ll see you in 2015!


The Ace (Eric & Matt)

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