Larvicides- Mosquito Control Solutions

Ace Mosquito Control uses larvicides to prevent eggs and larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes. While our sprays are effective at killing adult mosquitoes, it is important to also address the issue of the eggs and larvae that may already exist around your property. We use larvicides in areas that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If possible, we treat standing water by emptying it and tipping over the containers so they will not collect the water again. However, there are areas where the best choice is to use an effective larvicide.

Summit B.T.I Briquets

Ace Mosquito Control uses Summit B.T.I. Briquets to effectively control the mosquito control. The Summit B.T.I. Briquets will slowly dissolve in the water and release a bacterium that affects mosquitoes but it will not affect other aquatic life. The bacterium is bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, which is commonly found in the soil. The briquets are a small circular cork matrix that will float on the top of the water.

Altosid Pro-G Insect Growth Regulator

Altosid Pro-G Insect Growth Regulator is applied to areas that may collect rain water such as bird baths, flower pots, fountains, pool covers and gutters. Altosid comes in a small shaker bottle and is applied to the areas where mosquitoes might breed. The active ingredient is (S)-Methoprene and it will stop mosquitoes from developing into adults. It is safe to use around humans, pets, fish, and other animals.