One-Time Special Events

Outdoor Wedding Stock Photo

At Ace Mosquito Control, we understand just how important your special event is to you. Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, a corporate event, an anniversary party or a family reunion, we can help create a mosquito free event that means your guests will not be distracted by annoying insects or have to worry about being bitten.

When you are planning an event, contact us. We will send out a technician to assess your property and talk about treatment options that are available to you. We will also work with you, your venue, any party planners or catering services to determine the best time to apply the treatment between two to three days before your event begins.

How It Works

Ace Mosquito Control makes it easy to ensure that your event goes off without a bite.

  1. Initial Consultation – Ace Mosquito Control will conduct a walk-through of your property and determine the best way to effectively treat the area.
  2. Set a Date – Once we know when your event is scheduled, we will set a treatment date 2-3 days in advance to maximize mosquito protection.
  3. No More Mosquitoes – Our technician will provide an effective mosquito barrier spray that will eliminate adult mosquitoes and stop new ones from entering the area. This spray will also stop fleas, ticks and other biting insects.
  4. Enjoy Your Event Without Worrying About Mosquitoes
  5. Electronic Invoicing – We will email an invoice to you once service is completed. You may pay online with a credit card or mail a check, whichever is more convenient for you.