Use Your Garden to Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are carriers of disease. They are also pests that leave itchy bites behind. They are common throughout the United States and other areas of the world. Most homeowners work to prevent mosquitoes by emptying standing water and wearing bug repellant outside. Certain plants act as a natural bug repellent and are a great way to build a natural barrier for mosquitoes. The next time you are planning your garden you may want to include some of these plants in the beds.

Food Related Plants

Basil, garlic, rosemary and peppermint are all known to effectively repel mosquitoes. These work best when you use the oils that are found in the plants and apply them to yourself. These herbs are easy to plant and maintain. There is also the bonus of having fresh herbs available to you whenever you need them. Many people will keep pots of these herbs on their patio so they are easy to access and can provide the needed protection.

Flowering Plants

When planning your flower garden or the beds around your patio you may want to include these flowering plants. Lavender is a beautiful flower that repels mosquitoes, plus the stalks are quite pretty. Marigolds can also help to prevent mosquitoes as well as other insects. Many people will include these along the border of the flower garden. Geraniums are another flowering option that will naturally repel mosquitoes. These options are great to include around the areas where you naturally gather.

Stop Mosquitoes Completely

While including the plants in your garden can help to reduce mosquitoes, they will not eliminate them completely. A mosquito barrier treatment can quickly and effectively eliminate mosquitoes from your yard. These treatments are safe and there are options for both conventional and organic treatments. Protect yourself and your family from the diseases that mosquitoes carry. Contact the experts at Ace Mosquito Control to learn about the options available for your home.