Why Use Ace Mosquito Control

Are you tired of applying bug spray or buying and lighting candles that do not seem to keep mosquitoes at bay? Are you someone that seems to attract mosquitoes and are constantly being bitten?  Ace Mosquito Control can help you stop worrying about mosquitoes and give you back your yard again. After a treatment, you can enjoy the outdoors again without worrying about you or your children being bitten. It will give you and them more freedom to enjoy the outdoors again.

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Quality Mosquito Control

We pride ourselves on our quality mosquito control treatment. Our mosquito barrier spray will effectively stop new mosquitoes from entering your yard while eliminating the adult mosquitoes that are currently there. Our conventional plans will have a treatment scheduled every 21 days. The organic plan will have a treatment every 14 days. We stand behind our service, and if you see a mosquito after we treat your yard, contact us and we will respray your yard at no cost to you.

Unmatched Customer Service

At Ace Mosquito Control, we pride ourselves on being friendly, professional and reliable. We will email you a reminder two days before your treatment, and if you are not home we will leave a card stating the date and time of our service. Each of our technicians is trained to safely apply the barrier spray around your home and property.

Stringent Employee Hiring PoliciesEmployee Screening Stock Photo

Each of our employees must undergo a stringent background screening process before they begin working. We only work with employees instead of contractors. Each of our employees is fully trained in the correct application of the mosquito barrier.[button link=”https://acemosquitocontrol.com/employee-screening/” size=”small” bg_color=”#C1D72E”]Read More About Our Hiring Practices Here[/button]

Affordable Pricing

Ace Mosquito Control that offers the most competitive pricing in North Carolina. We pride ourselves on the value we provide our customers. If you find a lower price on a similar service, just tell us. We will match it. We work hard to run an efficient operation so that we can pass the lower prices onto you. Contact us to learn more about the services that we offer.